My Recordings

I have recorded a wide range of literature including classic fiction,  poetry, philosophy, theology, history, and dramatic roles.


In addition to solos,  I have participated in many collaborative recordings including duets and full cast dramatic productions.


My recordings can be found on the following online outlets:

  • Rhapsodize Audio
  • SoundCloud
  • Internet Archive

To date I have had over 200 recordings released on, and several more projects are under production.


I have also contributed to numerous collaborative projects with Voices of Today and The Online Stage.

Feast Your Ears

Commercial recordings

The full catalogue of my recordings at can be found here.

Solo recordings

The full catalogue of my recordings at Kobo can be found here.

Collaborative recordings

Free recordings

The full catalogue of my free recordings can be found here.


The Voices of Today channel,  which includes many solo and collaborative recordings by myself and a host of other narrators can be found here.